Reflective Safety Vests Help Save Roadside Worker Lives

Construction is a potentially dangerous line of work, and roadside construction in particular can be even more hazardous for obvious reasons. Just ask anyone who works in this industry, and they’ll tell you all the disastrous consequences that lurk if they’re not properly and adequately prepared for these dangers. When it comes to working on roadsides, things such as poor visibility, bad weather, and distracted driving can place workers at immense risk.


This is why it’s imperative that workers are properly dressed to make sure they are clearly seen at all times. By making themselves much more easily seen, drivers will be able to more easily spot them, giving them enough time to slow down and get out of the path of these construction workers before it’s too late.


Stay Safe With ANSI-Compliant Clothing

One of the most effective and important ways to be more visible on the road is by wearing high-visibility T-shirts that are complaint with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


ANSI has worked diligently to create safety standards for construction workers. Many types of shirts, jackets, and vests are available for construction workers, depending on their exact needs and desires. This specific ANSI standard is based on the type and amount of material needed, combined with how much reflective material is required and its location on the shirt or vest. There are different classes of safety shirt as per ANSI compliance, including the following:


ANSI Class 1: These ANSI complaint vests are meant to be used in situations where traffic speeds are less than 25 mph, or when construction workers are able to focus all of their attention on the traffic surrounding them. These vests are optimal for warehouse workers, truck drivers, and shopping mall cart retrievers.


ANSI Class 2: These safety vests are ideal for those who are working around traffic that is traveling at 25 mph or more. They’re also for use during bad weather, or when workers are unable to give 100 percent of their focus to the traffic. The majority of workers who use these are airport ground employees, crossing guards, and parking lot attendants.


ANSI Class 3: These vests provide the most visibility for workers who are working in high-risk situations, such as when traffic is moving faster than 50 mph, or when workers need to put all of their focus on their work. Roadway construction workers, utility workers, and emergency responders use these most.

SafetyGear Online offers high visibility ANSI compliant safety apparel in all class ratings so you can keep yourself and your workers safe from any catastrophes.