Reflective Safety Gear

Roadway and construction contractors have a responsibility for the safety of their employees. Reflective safety gear has to be graded for the conditions, but it also needs to be comfortable in order to promote compliance and maintain productivity. The changing of seasons brings variable light conditions, and this makes protection from acute injuries that much more important. Stay in compliance with OSHA regulations by purchasing the most comfortable reflective safety gear from

Options for Protection

Every work site brings a special set of risks and demands for protection. Hard hats, safety glasses, and ear plugs are not enough to prevent occupational hazards. Reflective safety clothing and accessories will ensure that operators of heavy machinery and drivers alike can see and respond to the movements of your workers. Consider the following options when making your next purchase of reflective safety gear.

  • Safety vests are the beginning line of reflective clothing. There are multiple styles in several grades, including sleeved vests graded for roadside construction. These are the primary option for the heat of summer.
  • High-visibility T-shirts are another summer option. These shirts are made entirely of reflective fabric. ANSI Class II shirts with reflective strips are available, and all T-shirts are designed for maximum breathability.
  • Fall weather brings the persistent threat of major storms, but your workers still have a job to do. Provide them with reflective rain apparel, including the ANSI class II rain jacket, Class E rain pants, or the heavy rain suit.
  • Colder weather brings its own unique demands. Sun glaring office is difficult to see through, but motorists and operators will spot your workers more easily with the reflective crew neck sweatshirt or hooded sweatshirt with contrasting stripes. Workers spending all day in high-danger areas will benefit even more from the addition of Class E rated reflective pants.

Reflective safety gear is important for workers at all times of the year, and each season and work site introduces a new set of potential hazards. High visibility is a must for manual laborers, so protect your workers with the most comfortable, reflective safety gear on the market.