First Aid

First Aid

Tick activity is especially important to keep in mind. Ticks are of great concern because of the possibility of Lyme disease. It’s important to check your children and pets for ticks frequently when they have been spending time outdoors. Therefore you should keep a Tick Removal Kit handy in order to immediately treat any ticks that you may find. You should also consider keeping a tick or insect sting kit in your car’s emergency first aid kit. This will assure that even when you are on the road, you can keep your family and yourself safe.


With the onset of warm weather, the increase of insect activity starts to become a concern. Insect repellent wipes can help in preventing various bites or stings. The application of repellent is especially important with youngsters and those who are allergic to certain insect bites. Insect repellent wipes are simple to use and easy to store in your home or mobile first aid kit.

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