Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs: Protective and Comfortable

Safety precautions are essential for anyone working or playing near heavy equipment, guns, and any roadway. The most common safety precaution is the use of high visibility gear. Safety glasses are also commonly worn alongside hard hats for the prevention of immediate, life-threatening trauma. However, acute trauma is only one set of dangers facing both pedestrians and industrial workers. Hearing trauma is also a pervasive risk, and it calls for the use Radians custom molded ear plugs.


Assessing the Threat

Noise-induced hearing loss is only one means of losing your hearing; but it is also the only one that can be prevented easily. Most hearing loss is unrecognizable for some time. Once you do notice a loss in hearing, it is often too late to prevent further degeneration. Everyone knows that Radians custom molded ear plugs can prevent noise-induced hearing loss, but few people understand when ear plugs are necessary.


Construction and industrial workers are the most likely to protect their ears on the job site. A jackhammer, for instance, rates at around 125 decibels and clearly presents a threat to the ears. A chainsaw is rated slightly lower at 115 decibels, and it is also acknowledged by most people to present a threat.


There is another important variable, however, besides the consideration of decibel level. Close proximity to a chainsaw for less than 30 seconds is enough to damage the hearing without the use of Radians custom molded ear plugs. The rumble of a gas mower rates at 95 decibels and is enough to damage hearing after only an hour of exposure. Even street full of traffic, which rates around 85 decibels, is enough to cause hearing loss when experienced for eight hours or more.


Noise-induced hearing loss is incremental. You are unlikely to notice the damage after one or two exposures. There is no reversing damage. Hence, it is vitally important to choose Radians custom molded ear plugs for protection. Unlike other plugs, these fit you perfectly and snugly. Since they are comfortable, you are more likely to continue using the protection of Radians custom molded ear plugs.