As a safety retail warehouse, we offer our clients the opportunity to quote both large and small purchases. Our signature process is called The Quote Cart. It's easy to use and customers receive same-day personalized quotes while saving on large purchase quantities.

To Use The Quote Cart:

Note: If you continue to shop once The Quote Cart is open, all items will be added to the custom pricing in The Quote Cart for processing.

Why Use The Quote Cart?

  • Saves Money
  • Maintains Job Consistency
  • Finishes Jobs Ahead of Schedule
  • Wastes Fewer Man Hours
  • Eco-Friendly

The Quote Cart is Commonly Used to Price:

  • Bulk Safety Vests | Bulk Reflective Vests
  • Bulk Safety Gear (General)
  • Bulk High Visibility T-Shirts

Saves Money

SafetyGear Online is a largely stocked warehouse that carries many of today's most common personal protective equipment (PPE) in bulk quantities. We are a no membership fee warehouse that passes along our wholesale buying power to our customers in the form of lower prices.

Buying bulk Safety Gear, including bulk Safety Vests, is easy and saves money. We negotiate with top brands to make sure you always have the best selection at the lowest prices. The Quote Cart technology allows us to match our lowest based pricing to your custom same-day quote quickly and efficiently.

Wastes Fewer Man Hours

Employers can eliminate the dreaded hurry up and wait, experienced by many employees with The Quote Cart’s large purchase inquiries from SafetyGear Online. When employees don't have to wait for equipment to arrive on the jobsite they make better use of valuable working hours especially in cases of natural disasters.

By stocking bulk safety gear onsite, employees can get on the job faster and complete a job sooner than those organizations that choose not to preplan. The Quote Cart is the quick answer for organizing bulk safety gear purchases for ongoing projects.

Customers Frequently Stock:

  • Bulk Safety Vests
  • Bulk Hi-Vis T-Shirts

Job Consistency

Keeping employees safe requires regular attention to basic safety precautions. When employers use SafetyGear Online's Quote Cart for bulk safety gear purchases, they are able to constantly provide a work environment where employee expectations and safety garments are known, recognized, and reacted too properly.

By removing lapses in adequate safety apparel availability, employers can increase job consistencies and decrease hazardous work environments. The Quote Cart is an easy way to quote multiple job specific safety items all at one time! Buying bulk Safety Vests is our most common request.

Finish Jobs Ahead of Schedule

When businesses choose The Quote Cart for large purchases they eliminate lead time issues. By having a reliable inventory of safety equipment onsite from SafetyGear Online you can stay ahead of job timelines eliminating delays from late deliveries or high product demand scenarios. Imagine finishing up days earlier than proposed and receiving accolades from others in the industry. The Quote Cart makes it fast to quote bulk safety vests, t-shirts and all other inventory needs in one place!

Eco-Friendly Purchasing

More consumers are shopping warehouses for additional savings than ever before. From specialty products like those from SafetyGear Online, to daily product consumption through sites like Amazon, more individual packing is leading to more waste.

Using The Quote Cart for large purchase requests, like buying bulk safety gear or hi-vid shirts, helps to reduce unnecessary pounds of trash entering landfills yearly. Businesses with great eco-friendly planning are highly admired and sought after to do business with. Planning with The Quote Cart reduces your environmental footprint!

Use SafetyGear Online's Quote Cart now and start saving today!