Protective Eye Wear Can Save Employees from Common Injuries

Everyday workers are exposed to the potential danger of an eye injury. Whether working around industrial equipment, hazardous chemicals, or in areas prone to flying dirt and debris, these workers have an inherent risk of eye injuries. Protective eye wear is a simple and affordable way to keep workers safe on the job and keep your business running at its most productive level.


According to a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, conducted in 2006, more than 65,000 American workers report eye injuries sustained at work. The true number of eye injuries is thought to be higher, because many individuals only report eye injuries they believe to be serious injuries. Thousands of workers sustain minor cuts, burns and abrasions each year without alerting their employer or seeking medical care.


More than half of the eye injuries reported every year occur in the manufacturing, construction, and service industries. Workers with the highest risk of injury are those that work as equipment operators, fabricators, repair workers, laborers, production and precision workers. These injuries are often the result of accidents in which proper protective eye wear was not used or proper safety protocols were not followed. Eye injuries are becoming one of the most common workplace injuries reported today.


It’s important to ensure workers are always wearing protective eye wear, especially in high risk areas where the threat of eye injuries is even greater. Safety glasses come in many styles to accommodate a wide variety of working conditions. Clear and tinted lenses are available for workers in indoor and outdoor environments. All lenses are made from strong impact resistant plastics to safely shield the eye even from fast moving debris. Glasses are also universally sized, making it easy to fit all workers with the same style of frame.      


No matter what potential eye risk your workers face, SafetyGear Online has the right protective eye wear for you. We can help keep your workers safe from one of the most common workplace injuries by providing quality eye protection they can rely on. Shop our selection of safety glasses today to find the right styles for you.