Protect Yourself from Head Injuries with a Full Brim Hard Hat and Accessories

Head injuries are among the most serious injuries that can happen in the workplace. The injuries sustained can result in a loss of vision, hearing, or permanent cognitive impairment. That’s why it’s important to protect your head at all times in a work environment. The use of a full brim hard hat, safety glasses or ear plugs are just some of the safety tools that will help keep you safe in a potentially dangerous environment.


The hazards posed to the head vary from one work environment to another, but can include: loud noise from machinery or explosives, falling debris or tools, airborne debris kicked up from work areas, volatile chemicals that may splash or off gas harmful fumes, and more. Workers should always be made aware of potential hazards or areas where the threat of injury may be heightened. It’s also important that workers are required to wear proper safety gear to protect against injury.


Hard hats are one of the most common pieces of safety gear. These hard plastic hats are designed to protect the wearer from falling objects. Like a bike helmet, a hard hat should be retired after suffering a serious blow, as this may create a fracture in the shell that may not hold up to a second impact. Hard hats come in a variety of formats, from a classic front brim style hard hat to a wrap around full brim hard hat style.


Safety glasses are also a common piece of safety gear used to protect the head. These simple glasses use a shatter resistant polycarbonate lens to protect the user from dirt, debris or other projectiles that may enter the eye and cause damage or irritation. Wearing proper safety glasses is always recommended in work zones.


Ear plugs are also a great tool for personal safety. While many people may not realize their hearing is being damaged, prolonged exposure to loud environments degrades hearing over time. This unfortunate circumstance can easily be avoided with the use of proper hearing protection.   


To ensure your safety on the job and prevent head injuries you should always wear head protection like a full brim hard hat, safety glasses, and ear plugs. Staying safe on the job will ensure a long and successful career, and for those who take the time to exercise caution, the long term benefits will be rewarding. Shop SafetyGear Online today for the best selection of safety products to keep you safe on the job, including full brim hard hats and accessories!