Protecting Your Hearing on the Job with Molded Ear Plugs

When you work on the job site, chances are good that there is quite a bit of noise. Protecting your hearing is critical. That’s why we carry a wide variety of molded ear plugs to suit the way you work. You’ll find custom molded ear plugs, as well as the Resistor and Snug Plugs, with and without bands. Choosing the right ear plugs is important to protect your hearing.

Evaluate the Noise Level

The best and quickest way to determine whether you need molded ear plugs is recognizing that you have to raise your voice to speak with someone who is an only a few feet away. Additionally, if you are experiencing ringing or diminished hearing in your ears for hours after work, you may be in need of hearing protection. These are indicators that the noise level is at 85 decibels are higher, which can cause permanent damage.


Using Molded Ear Plugs Properly

In order to get the protection you need, it is critical that the right ear plugs are used and that molded ear plugs are formed to create a seal. You can also evaluate whether you need a headband to better affix the earplugs.

Another consideration is adding earmuffs in addition to the molded ear plugs. This is strongly recommended for those that work within noise levels that exceed 105 decibels. This may include those that work with drills, chainsaws, and other loud machinery.


Shop SafetyGear Online to find the right molded ear plugs for your work environment. Here, we are committed to the safety of every worker, providing all the gear you need to do your job better and stay safe. Shop with us to find molded ear plugs and everything else you need, as well as to learn more about these products and how they protect you on the job site.