Protect your Hands with Thermal Work Gloves

For those who work with their hands it’s important to take precautions to keep them safe. Whether you’re working in a rough environment where cuts and abrasions are common or you’re working in colder temperatures, thermal work gloves are a great way to keep your hands protected. Thermal gloves can keep your hands safe and warm in even the roughest working environments.


In cold climates it’s important to keep hands protected. Cold wind and wet conditions can lead to numb fingers and chapped hands. In extreme cases the exposures can lead to nerve damage or frostbite. For those individuals who work in high risk environments where visibility is a high priority, we offer high visibility work gloves with reflective surfaces. These thermal gloves are perfect for highway workers, truck drivers, waste collection workers, or anyone else who may need warm gloves that do not compromise visibility.


Our cold weather gloves are made with rugged materials that resist tearing and allow for a full range of motion, so your work will never be compromised just because you are wearing thermal gloves. Our gloves are trusted by people in the construction, agriculture and transportation industries to keep their hands safe and warm on the job.


Thermal gloves can also be used at home while working outdoors clearing brush or snow. Their quality construction and exceptional warmth make then a perfect choice for fall and winter chores. You can be confident knowing that quality thermal work gloves will keep you protected for years to come.  


In addition to thermal gloves, SafetyGear Online also offers Hot Rods Hand Warmers. These portable hand warmers can easily be slipped into your gloves to help restore cold hands and increase blood flow. Packs last for up to 11 hours and provide additional warmth for extreme cold conditions. These are perfect for working long hours outdoors and can be stored safely in a pocket until needed.


No matter what kind of outdoor work you do in the cold months,’s selection of thermal work gloves is sure to have something for you. When your hands are your livelihood it’s important to keep them protected, no matter what Mother Nature throws their way.