Professions that Demand a Top Quality Fall Protection Harness

Professions that Demand a Top Quality Fall Protection Harness

A fall protection harness is exactly what it sounds like: an essential piece of gear that prohibits the wearer from falling when working in high, treacherous places. A fall protection harness is relatively simple in construction, but must be made to the highest standards in order to provide ample protection while a worker is performing the task at hand. Here are some professionals that require a fall protection harness and how they count on these devices to essentially save their lives:


Tree Trimmers: Arborists and landscapers use a fall protection harness when they are trimming high branches to prune a tree or as part of the complete removal process. Not only does the fall protection harness prevent catastrophe from a fall, it also helps the worker remain safe while operating a chainsaw or large trimmers.


Masons, Carpenters, & Other Construction Workers: Similar to tree trimmers, construction workers may find themselves working in high places, such as in an unfinished attic or atop scaffolding. In order to work safely, they must use a fall protection harness. With this piece of safety gear, workers can continue to work as effectively as they would at ground level no matter how high they must go.


Roofers: Roofers naturally need a fall protection harness—and one that is made to perform—for the obvious reason that they work atop roofs to do their jobs. While a one-story home may not pose a life-threatening danger, two story homes and larger homes, as well as commercial buildings can.


Fisherman: Fishermen are not typically concerned with falling from a great distance, but a fall from a large vessel while wrangling a big fish or making repairs certainly is dangerous. That’s why there may be times when certain members of a fishing crew may need a fall protection harness, and a good one at that.


SafetyGear Online is proud to offer top notch safety items for all kinds of workers, from first responders to road crews. We carry several fall protection harness options so that you can ensure safety when working amidst fall hazards. Be sure to read up on the specifications to get the right one for the job you do.