PIP PowerGrab Thermo Gloves

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PowerGrab™ Thermo gloves provide economical cold weather protection.
For faster service, order by the dozen.
Ideal for Winter and Spring temperatures.

Made by PIP (Manuf. Part # 41-1400 & 41-1405)

If you do a lot of outdoor work with your hands, you know how uncomfortable it can be when they get covered with material. Whether it is dirt, oil, concrete, gasoline or any other substance, something small and annoying can make the rest of the day a hassle. This is even more true if you get a cut or scrape on your hands. Protective gloves are always a plus as they keep your hands safe from those minor annoyances. This is especially true during cold or rainy days when you may have a difficult time keeping your grip on your tools. These Power Grab Thermo gloves excel at preventing all of the scenarios described here and have very attractive pricing options if you were looking to outfit your entire crew.


    • High visibility terry orange & lime green acrylic shell, with brown grip by MicroFinish™
    • Comfortable fit thanks to seamless construction
    • Hands kept dry, warm, and comfortable due to Thermax® insulation
    • Moisture is repelled by polypropylene
    • Washable
    • Soft and non-chafing
    • Work both as gloves and glove liners
    • Ideal uses: Cold condition, construction, refrigerated areas, winter recreation/activities
  • PIP (Manuf. Part # 41-1400 & 41-1405)