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There are a number of instances where traffic needs to be directed during low-lighting conditions. Whether you are instructing cars where to park at a county fair, directing traffic around a late night car accident, or if you are part of a traffic control crew for late night roadwork, having a way to alert drivers to a change in traffic patterns is extremely important. The LED Illuminated Batons, made by PolyBrite, will help you catch the attention of all passing motorists to reduce the risk of accidents. Also by PolyBrite, are these Illuminated Dog Collars which are ideal for dog owners in areas with highly traveled roadways. One of the great joys of owning a dog is to take them for a nice walk outdoors where you both can enjoy nature. When the summer heat arrives, it can be uncomfortable or even dangerous to walk in such high temperatures. Therefore you might decide to head outside in the early morning or late evening when there isn't as much sunlight. An LED Illuminated Dog Collar helps keep your four-legged friends easy to see while you're out and about.

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