Split Cowhide Leather Palm - "A/B" Grade

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82-7563 Series
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Split cowhide leather gloves with fabric back and rubberized cuff. Get the tough jobs done with water resistant, high quality leather gloves!

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Made by Protective Industrial Products (PIP), these 82-7563 Silver Series Split Cowhide Leather Gloves are made from the underlying layer of the cow’s skin.  Made from top grain, split cowhide leather.  These gloves are constructed from the fibrous part of the cow hide making it genuine leather and very durable.  Cowhide is one of the heaviest, toughest and durable leather around.

Rated as an “A/B” grade glove, these gloves are made of full grain leather and top grain leather.  What does that mean?  Full grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide, the highest quality leather and it is also of top grain leather the second highest grade of leather, making it flexible and smooth in texture.  These quality leather gloves are also water resistance, a plus for those work days in wet conditions.

With its wing thumb design, there is no seam on the inside of the palm and it has a curved seam along the base of the thumb area, providing comfort in open-handed work.  The Gunn-cut pattern provides reinforced finger tips for extra hand and finger protection and durability, while the cotton lining absorbs the moisture from your hands. 

The 82-7563 PIP Silver Series Spit Cowhide Leather Gloves with elastic closure sewn on the inside and rubberized fabric safety cuffs will help keep your hands protected while getting the work done.

Used for: construction, metal work, farming, maintenance, and other general purposes.

For faster service, order by the dozen.

(NOTE: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. For more information, go to: www.p65warnings.ca.gov)

Made by PIP (Manuf. Part # 82-7563)

Performance Features:

  • Silver Series Leather Palm Gloves
  • 75% Leather | 25% Cotton
  •  “A/B” Grade Shoulder Split Cowhide
  • Cotton Lined Palm
  • Gunn-cut Pattern
  • Wing Thumb Design
  • Leather Knuckle Strap and Finger Tips
  • Elastic Closure Sewn Inside Glove at Wrist
  • Rubberized Fabric Safety Cuffs
  • Water Resistant
  • Chromium VI Free Leather
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