Pink Safety Vest: For Safety and Awareness

Here at, we are known for the various Safety Vests that we provide to work crews, response teams, and other individuals. Most of our products do fall under ANSI classifications, which means that they are usually the lime green or orange that are associated with most safety garments. However, we also pride ourselves on offering a separate line of safety garments known as Incident Command Vests, that come in a variety of colors to help you better organize your response team. In the event of a natural disaster, or other such large scale emergencies, it is important that victims know who they can turn to for survival supplies and information. Incident command vests are exactly the tool you need to help you in this endeavor. is also happy to carry the option for a Pink Safety Vest. A Pink Safety Vest is not a color commonly found when it comes to safety apparel and can serve to provide a few unique uses.


Easy Identification

Since most people are not used to seeing relief workers wearing a Pink Safety Vest, they will be easily identifiable amidst the chaos and confusion that typically follows a natural disaster or emergency scenario. As victims are moving around looking for supplies, information, or loved ones, your response team will stick out from the crowd while wearing a reflective Pink Safety Vest. Victims will immediately know who to turn to when they need someone to help guide them through the traumatic time.


Event or Cause Awareness

A Pink Safety Vest can also be used to help raise awareness in certain events. For example: Pink is a universally recognized color for Breast Cancer Awareness. It is even worn by NFL players during the month of October to help raise additional awareness. Therefore if you were holding a charity event, a “race for the cure,” or other such event, your volunteers or athletes can wear a Pink Safety Vest to help illustrate how dedicated your patrons are to raising awareness and helping a good cause.


So make sure to visit our site to find a Pink Construction Safety Vest that you can use for your team or awareness event. We even offer the option of customized screen printing for a small fee so that anyone will be able to identify what organization your agents are with. If you have any questions, please contact us.