Using your Fall Protection Devices - OSHA Tips for Avoiding Falls

Tips for preventing falls from ladders can reduce the number of accidents and injuries that occur every year, and using fall protection devices is one of the important guidelines. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that a ladder is involved in 81 percent of fall injuries among construction workers. While the injuries are often severe or even fatal, you can prevent many fall accidents by noticing potential hazards and correcting or avoiding them.

Accepting Professional Guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends following accident prevention procedures that you probably do routinely, but forgetting to do them even one time can result in a permanent injury. Stabilizing the ladder before you get on it helps prevent a fall, and staying below the top rung helps you keep your balance. Floor openings for shafts and stairwells as well as openings in the roof require using fall protection devices that can save your life.

Unprotected roof edges are easy to forget about when you are accustomed to working at heights, but they deserve your attention. Our line of fall protection devices gives you the freedom to do your work and the protection that you need to stay safe. OSHA recommends that you choose and wear fall protection devices that are appropriate for the tasks that you perform.


Choosing the Right Equipment for the Job

No one wants to wear cumbersome equipment that just gets in the way, but our fall protection devices use the latest technology to keep you safe. Our Werner kits provide a roofing safety harness and an anchor that you can use again and again, 30 and 50 foot rope lengths and a lanyard that absorbs shock. Our DeCoil Lanyard is available separately, and it is an essential piece of equipment. Featuring the DCELL Shock Pack, it provides deceleration and reduces the force generated by falling. Hooks on the device prevent it from tangling in a false entanglement situation.

Our Blue Armor 2000 harnesses include two models to suit your preferences for fall protection devices when you work on high scaffolding or in tall trees. The Quick Connect harnesses connect at five points with lightweight hardware. Absorbent padding on the backs gives you maximum protection in devices that are easy to use.

Paying attention to recommendations from OSHA and using our fall protection devices can help keep you safe on the job.