OSHA Standard Changes: FR Safety Vest Requirements & More

OSHA Standard Changes: FR Safety Vest Requirements & More

SafetyGear Online is dedicated to offering premier products, such as an FR safety vest, that have been carefully selected for their usability and versatility in specific job settings. Our products cater to first responders, fire crews, construction teams, road service workers, manufacturing plant personnel, and many others. From the school crossing guard to EMTs attending a terrible auto wreck, our products are designed to meet and exceed the standards set forth by OSHA and other regulatory institutions that endeavor to make every worker safe.


OSHA Electrical Safety Standard Changes

Effective July 10, 2014, OSHA updated their safety standards in regard to electrical power generation and transmission and distribution workers. These requirements should be put into effect as soon as possible in order to be in compliance; however citations have been delayed until October 31, 2014. Electrical utility companies should have ample time to update their PPE program.


Updated Standard Mandates

The new OSHA requirements are outlined as follows:

  • Electrical utilities and their contractors are required to wear flame resistant personal protective equipment (PPE) with arc rating greater than or equal to the estimated incident energy.
  • Employers are required to provide employees with the proper flame resistant PPE.
  • Flame resistant clothing is defined as non-melting, non-ignitable. Polyester FR does not meet the updated standard.


The FR Safety Vest

An FR safety vest is a required piece of safety apparel for many workers, including electrical workers that will be affected by this new mandate.  When you shop with us for an FR safety vest, you’ll want to closely read the detailed product descriptions to ensure that you’re aligned with these protocols. For instance, our Arc series FR safety vest is made from a modacrylic flame resistant material and made to meet the following standards: ASTM F1506, NFPA 70E, Class II ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 & ANSI/ISEA 107-2010. We also carry Radians FR safety vest options that are a modacrylic and twaron blend. Read closely and choose the best fit for you and your operations.


SafetyGear Online is dedicated to keeping abreast of OSHA regulations when it comes to the gear you need to stay safe on the job. Shop for a regulation FR safety vest with us.