Organize Relief Efforts with Incident Command Vests

Organization is the key to any successful relief effort. Let’s face it: in the wake of a natural disaster there is generally a state of mass confusion as people try and sort out what remains of their homes, their businesses or entire neighborhoods. That is why it’s so important to make it as simple as possible for people to quickly identify volunteers and emergency responders. That’s where garments like incident command vests come in handy.


Incident command vest are simple vests that are available in a variety of colors. They can be worn over regular clothing or jackets. Each vest features reflective strips in addition to transparent pockets where individuals’ names or team identifications can be placed. These features make responders easily recognizable to victims, organizers, and one another. Incident command vests are an inexpensive and effective way to organize emergency responders and volunteers in disaster relief situations.     


By coordinating relief efforts and assigning different color to different teams it becomes easy to visually separate a complex disaster relief team. This makes it easier not only for disaster victims to tell volunteers apart, but it also makes it easier for the relief crews to identify one another, pass along information, or assist one another as needed. For the relief planners it also makes it much simpler to watch the relief efforts at work. This allows them to quickly note where different individuals or teams are working just by glancing, rather than straining to see key individuals who may look similar to others at a distance.


Once teams have been assigned and incident command vests have been issued, the process of managing a disaster relief effort becomes easier. This is due to everyone involved being able to now identify all other teams and relief workers. This simplifies the process of working together and alleviates some of the complications that arise when trying to coordinate large groups of people. From there individuals can focus more on the task at hand rather than worrying who to report to, or how to direct a victim to a person or relief team that is not clearly marked. 


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