All About the Modacrylic Flame Resistant Safety Vest

If you’ve recently considered the purchase of a new flame resistant safety vest, chances are you’ve run into the term modacrylic. What is this new material and how can you be assured that this is truly the next phase in flame retardant clothing and not a gimmick? Let us tell you more about this innovative fiber.


A Brief History

Commercial production of modacrylic fiber began in 1949 by Union Carbide Corporation, and in 1960 the Federal Trade Commission defined them as long-chain polymer composed of less than 85% but more than 35% weight, except when the polymer qualifies as rubber.


Current Uses

The term modacrylic refers to a synthetic copolymer and these fibers are known for their strength, resiliency, and stability, thus making them a great choice for flame resistant safety vest construction and other gear. These fibers are easily dyed to be florescent colors and can better withstand interactions with chemicals and solvents. Modacrylic fibers are also mildew resistant and non-allergenic.


Modacrylic has become a preferred material in items that are required to be flame resistant. In addition to being naturally fabricated for fire resistance, they are also light weight. These two features combined make modacrylic an ideal fabric for any number of safety apparel items.


Care of Modacrylic Fibers

If you’ve decided to purchase a flame resistant safety vest made from this innovative material, there are a few care steps you’ll want to take in order to ensure this quality piece of gear lasts as long as possible. You can machine wash your modacrylic flame resistant safety vests on warm, then tumble dry on the low setting. You can also opt for dry cleaning.


When you shop for your next flame resistant safety vest, be on the lookout for items that are made with modacrylic fibers. You’ll really appreciate the lightweight nature of the vest and you can rest assured that you’re exceeding the safety parameters set forth. Safety Gear Online features a variety of items, from flame resistant vests to pants, jackets, and more that are made from this innovative material.