MiraCool Bandana

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940 Series
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Polymer crystals inside bandanna retains water and cools pulse points to cool the body.
Made by OccuNomix (Manuf. Part # 940-01/940-03/940-04/940-CRD/940-DGC)

MiraCool heat stress prevention utilizes polymer crystals inside bandana retain water and work with natural evaporation process to cool the body.

  • Soak MiraCool in cold water for 10-20 minutes
  • Stays hydrated for several days
  • Reusable thousands of times
  • Works without freezing or ice
  • Increase alertness & productivity
  • We cannot screen print on this item
  • OccuNomix (Manuf. Part # 940-01/940-03/940-04/940-CRD/940-DGC)

Washing Instructions:

Completely dehydrate by hanging in open air before hand washing.  Complete dehydration may take several days. Use only mild soap, hand wash and rinse quickly.  DO NOT use harsh detergents.

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