Features of the Maxiflex Gloves: Protection for Workers & Homeowners

Construction workers, road crews, auto technicians, and others who make their living working with their hands every day can certainly attest to the fact that hand protection is paramount to working efficiently and effectively. Even DIY homeowners that like to garden and do their own home repair and remodeling work understand that a good pair of work gloves, like Maxiflex gloves, allow them to get the job done and preserve their hands for getting on with the rest of their everyday lives.


What are the features of Maxiflex gloves that make them a preferred choice? Let’s look at the innovations that this glove offers:


Construction: The Maxiflex gloves are designed to have a clean fit that offers the ultimate in dexterity and sensitivity. Unlike more cumbersome alternatives, the wearer can essentially perform intricate tasks as if there were no gloves worn while enjoying the protection. Additionally, Maxiflex gloves are made with a knit nylon liner, then dipped in foam nitrile to channel oil away from the glove and offer exceptional grip.


Usage: The Maxiflex gloves are virtually lint-free for applications that require the handling of small parts and greasy materials, where dust and lint could pose an issue. For applications that involve sharp parts, even gardening amidst thorns and splinters, these gloves feature minimal penetration.


Comfort: These gloves are made to fit well, conforming to the hand and offering a non-bulky appeal. With comfortable knit wrists, you can work longer and better when wearing them.


Maxiflex gloves are the preferred choice by many whose work requires a high level of dexterity, making them superior in comfort and use. Whether you’re on the job or working around the house, you can rest assured that your hands will be in great shape at the end of the day and these gloves will be ready to work again next time.