Make your Mark with Personalized Safety Vests

It’s important to adhere to safety standards when working in the construction trades. With so much going on at all times, job sites can be a very dangerous place. That’s why it’s important to keep team members visible at all times. High visibility safety garments are designed to stand out; ensuring workers are easily seen, even at a distance. Personalized safety vests can offer workers an added laver of visibility on the job by displaying their name, title or company prominently on their work vests.


In addition to showing other workers who an employee is and who they work for, personalized safety vests can also act as an advertisement to the general public. This can be a valuable marketing tool, especially if the construction is taking place in a high traffic area where many people see your team. This is a great way to show off your business’s workmanship and professionalism.


Personalized safety vests are also useful for helping your crew identify one another on larger jobs where there may be other crews at work. It is also useful if your team is spread out over a large area. Workers can quickly spot one another and work together more effectively. Helping construction crews work together more efficiently is always beneficial, no matter what kind of job they’re doing.


Survey crews, utility workers, and safety engineers can also benefit from the added visibility of personalized safety vests. Not only because they offer the safety of high visibility, but also because they show off the company and act as an advertisement of the brand.


For those who aren’t involved in the construction trades, personalized safety vests can also be used for charity events. Safety Gear Online offers a variety of safety vest options that come in different colors. The logo of an organization can be added to the back of a vest in order to gain greater exposure. These are perfect for public events that require individuals to stand out in order to answer questions, collect donations, or any other charity activity.


Not sure if a vest can be custom printed? Simply call us at (800) 429-0954 and we will answer any questions you may have. Our selection of personalized safety vests offers something for every occasion and industry.