LED Flares: The Future of Roadside Safety

In the past, roadside safety involved using flares that were fire based or were made from harsh chemicals. But with LED flares, it’s easier than ever to drop traditional methods and adopt a less hazardous way of directing traffic on a roadway.

Easy to Operate
Working with traditional flares includes a degree of danger, usually to the worker using them, but LED flares are non-toxic, smokeless, safe, and easy to operate. Simply ensure they are charged, turn them on, and position them on the road. LED flares are not like regular flares, and do not emit perchlorate.


LED flares are gentle on the environment because they are reusable. Some LED flares can be recharged by plugging them into a 120V electrical socket, while others take normal batteries. The ultimate benefit over strike-anywhere flares, is LED flares don’t leave behind residue.


They Are Versatile
Unlike fire flares; LED flares can be placed in different locations. A standard sized e-flare has a rubber base, and can be lined up in a row along the road, or placed around an opening to warn others to divert around it. Beacon flares have to be the most versatile. They can be stationed on the ground, or attached to a magnetic clip and fixed to the side of a vehicle or trailer. Don’t forget about your own safety; you should wear one of these flares on your work suit, so motorists spot you.


Are Clearly Visible From Long Distances
Quality LED flares are extremely bright, usually visible from a half mile away in daylight or at night, so you know people will see them from a long way off.  They’re also manufactured to take the elements, withstanding rain, dust, and even a drop of up to three feet. Beacon flares are crushproof up to 20,000 lbs. It’s clear that LED flares are tough enough to handle the job!

Traffic control just got simple and fuss-free with LED flares. Invest wisely in your roadside accessories, by visiting SafetyGear Online to shop now.