LED Batons for Crowd & Traffic Control

For crowd control and traffic control at medium to large scale events, LED batons are a must-have for directing people and traffic, as well as keeping workers safe. Event coordinators or facility managers can find LED batons easily online and they are a relatively affordable way to accomplish your crowd control goals.


Some LED batons offer an additional layer of security with an auditory alarm that will alert patrons to potential dangers, such as an oncoming vehicle, or get the attention of cars or people that need to redirect. If needed, you can also opt for LED batons that have different flash modes to help workers further illustrate commands without having to speak.


Other Crowd & Traffic Control Measures

During events, such as concerts, festivals, or sporting events, there is often a component of crowd control as well as traffic control. Lighted batons for workers, combined with high visibility vests, will help drivers entering the venue identify who is directing traffic and respond as such. Keeping cars moving in an orderly fashion is integral to getting patrons in the lot and parked on time, as well as keeping both drivers and pedestrians safe. Adding cones is also a great way to add visual cues in the lot.


Crowd control can also be managed by workers wearing personalized vests. They can be easily identified and help people locate seats and restrooms, as well as keep people moving in a uniform direction. If lines will be integrated, venue hosts can purchase barriers exclusively made to corral people in a large scale venue.


Safety Protocols

When you’re having an event with a lot of people, medical personnel may have difficulty getting where they need to go. Depending on the size and nature of your event, it may necessitate having medical personnel on site or readily available. When crowds merge, there is always a chance of illness or injury that may need to be addressed. Hot weather events pose a particular risk when the volume of people rises. Have a plan in place to get medical attention where it is needed.


SafetyGear Online is a great place to find what you need for safety workers, but many of these products, such as LED batons and high visibility vests, are ideal for operators and managers of establishments that host events, including arenas, banquet facilities, civic centers, and many others.