Keep your Dog Safe This Winter with an LED Illuminated Dog Collar

Winter time can be a dangerous time of year for dogs, especially those who are walked in high traffic areas. Not only do shorter day light hours mean many people are out walking their dogs before the sun comes up or after the sun goes down, but it also means that the people out driving are dealing with less than ideal driving conditions. If you walk your dog outdoors in the winter be sure to use an illuminated dog collar to ensure he or she is visible to motorists.


Often people leaving for work early in the morning still have ice or snow on their vehicle which can limit driver visibility and increase their chances of getting into an accident. This can also be true of people leaving work at the end of the day if ice or snow has collected on their car while working. Another problem driver’s face in the winter is poor road conditions. Snow, slush, freezing rain and ice all affect a driver’s ability to effectively stop or turn. Together with limited environmental visibility caused by snow or fog, these factors make walking your dog a dangerous task in the winter months.


An illuminated dog collar is an inexpensive way to ensure your pet is seen. Unlike a traditional reflective dog collar, an illuminated dog collar contains bright LEDs that create their own light source. If used in combination with brightly colored outerwear you and your dog can be sure motorists can safely see you even at a distance. Safety Gear Online also offers illuminated dog leashes that glow with bright LEDs as well. These LED illuminated dog collars are a great way to be safe even when walking in less than perfect conditions.


Our illuminated dog collar and illuminated dog leashes are also a great idea for people who walk their dogs in the forest during hunting season. In many areas the winter time is also an active time for hunters. By using our bright orange LED safety collar and leash you can be sure hunters can safely see you, even if you can’t see them. Browse our entire selection of pet safety gear on today!