Stay Protected while looking cool with Eyewear by Radians

It goes without saying that eye protection is absolutely crucial, regardless if it’s in terms of the work or play. Think of how many irritants, debris and other detrimental things exist that can do irreversible damage to the eyes. Eye safety may seem very straightforward to accomplish, but Radians eyewear takes it a step further to offer additional levels of protection against a broad spectrum of potential threats to your vision. As an added bonus, they are very modern and stylish, on top of their impressive safety appointments.


Radians eyewear is compliant with the American National Standards Institute’s guidelines outlined in ANSI Z87.1, which specifies impact, optical radiation, and dust resistance standards and more. Scratch resistance and UV protection are two additional benefits found in this eyewear. Such attention to safety detail makes for eyewear that you can wear with confidence when working outdoors, or on a project with a lot of debris flying out. Radians designs their safety glasses so that they are lightweight, which is a great relief for those who may work longer hours. They are also designed with strong grips to ensure they will not fall off your face while you are hunched over working on something.


These safety glasses are not strictly functional. Long gone are the days of being stuck with unsightly goggles as the only safety measure for your eyes. Radians eyewear comes in a few different shapes, all of which are fairly modern and stylish. They have different colors available, and are designed to have a universal fit, allowing for more options for any customer. Prices on these glasses will make your eyes pop out of your head! Well, not quite; however, Radians safety glasses are relatively low-priced for the amount of protection they offer.


Eyewear is something that anyone working in a field where their eyes are more frequently exposed to debris and UV rays should consider as vital as a safety vest. With so many choices available at low prices, there’s no excuse. Protect your eyes. They are irreplaceable. Browse our selection of Radians safety glasses and other gear today!