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Manufacturer Spotlight: Radians

Doug August 7, 2017 0

Radians Hi Vis JacketSafetyGear Online is known for providing the best in top quality safety gear and apparel to the hard-working, dedicated professional men and women of the construction industry. When you are working on a road crew, or as part of a team of first responders, individual protection and visibility are vital to maintaining the safety of your environment. In low visibility or after sunset, the need for increased visibility becomes critical, and can literally mean the difference between life and death for construction personnel, roadside maintenance workers, and first responders.

When you add inclement weather to the mix, working outside can be even more hazardous. Foggy conditions, low light, and rain limit driver visibility even further, and can make roadside working conditions slippery and dangerous. SafetyGear Online is proud to offer ANSI approved safety apparel from Radians for foul weather protection such as Radians Class E - General Purpose Rain Pants.

These bib pants utilize the latest technology in high visibility rain gear to bring workers the superior safety, durability, and comfort they need when working outside in inclement weather. This high visibility, weatherproof rain pants offer the kind of protection that can enhance performance as well as safety. Adjustable straps and zipper expansions will help keep the wearer cool and comfortable on the job, as well as protected! Paired with the Radians General Purpose Rain Jacket, personnel will be covered and protected from top to bottom. Both of these tops of the line products are made from materials that are comfortable to wear when working, offering both freedoms of movement and protection from the weather. If conditions call for something a little lighter, the ANSI Class III - HiViz Light Weight Rain Jacket and ANSI Class E - HiViz Light Weight Rain Pants by Radians feature high visibility technology. Made from weatherproof, innovative materials that provide comfort and durability, the work pants have adjustable cuffs to create a more comfortable and functional fit, and the lightweight rain jacket offers the ultimate in quality construction and high visibility technology.

This comfortable, protective rain jacket features a vented back cape and lightweight construction that will make work comfortable on any day. Lightweight high visibility rain pants and jackets by Radians provide workers with the essential protection and desired comfort to work safely and effectively in all weather conditions. If weather conditions such as colder temperatures, snow, or ice call for more heavy duty protection, Radians offers their Heavy Duty Rain Jacket and Heavy Duty Rain Pants.

These waterproof ANSI Class 3 breathable pants and jacket are made from an oxford material for durability and feature 3M reflective striping for performance in all severe weather environments and extreme conditions, offering the protection to be free to do the job without worrying about being hampered by the weather. When working outdoors in bad weather, having the finest waterproof high visibility rain pants and jacket is vital.

This heavy duty high visibility Radians waterproof jacket provides the warmth workers need along with total protection from the elements, with an attached hood, full zipper and button closures, and elastic cuffs. The fluorescent color provides immediate visibility, and the reflective striping offers further visibility regardless of lighting or weather conditions. When you want the very best high visibility, high-quality waterproof rain pants, and jackets, you will find what you need when you shop

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