Incident Command Vests for School Crossing Patrols

When you want to help your crossing guard staff and students stay safe, you can do so by getting them the gear they need. These items include incident command vests, handheld stop signs, and whistles, many of which can be easily and affordably purchased online and shipped fast. Beyond the obvious physical benefits, there is also a psychological benefit of giving them a measure of authority and confidence to do their duty and keep pedestrians safe.


Incident command vests will immediately alert all area passersby as to who is the authority when it comes to crossing the street or indicating a stop. Incident command vests can be customized with color and, additionally, reflective striping can be added if you need crossing guards in areas with a decent amount of traffic. Those wearing incident command vests will be safer when directing the pedestrians and those driving or walking will immediately recognize them as the ones to obey.


Stop signs are something of a given when it comes to helping crossing staff, particularly when this group is largely composed of older students. The stop sign is a universal indicator and typically bystanders, pedestrians, and drivers will all adhere to its meaning without incident. The ones you find online are reasonably priced and lightweight, so they can be used by adults or students.


Whistles and other volume increasing items can be helpful in the event that someone starts crossing before it is safe. Often, amidst early morning or after school chatter, a simple call-out to stop may not be enough and a stop sign may not be seen. However, a shrill whistle will certainly get their attention.


Whether you are just starting a crossing guard program at your school or you already have one established, it’s always paramount to evaluate the tools they use to keep themselves and those they are helping safe. With just a few items that are easy to obtain and affordable, you can add immeasurable peace of mind. Order incident command vests with reflective striping, handheld stop signs, and a few whistles to keep staff safe and help give them the confidence they need to do their job.