Incident Command Vest Options & More for Your Temporary Crew

Whether you’re working on a service project with your community or hosting a neighborhood clean-up effort, safety must be a primary concern.  At Safety Gear Online, we carry many of the things you will need to make sure your crew can work safely and productively. Here’s an overview of the areas to review and consider for safety supplies:


Crowd Control: With each team member wearing an incident command vest, you can ensure that the crew stays together. You can even choose different incident command vest colors to distinguish different teams or roles if that will help you operate more effectively. You can also easily count people by spotting their brightly colored incident command vest.

First Aid: At Safety Gear Online, we carry a wide assortment of first aid kits to accommodate your needs. Depending on the number of people you have as well as the length of the project, you can choose an affordably priced first aid kit that will have basic essentials to keep your crew going, even if there are minor scrapes or scuffles.


Eye and Ear Protection: Will the work area be overly noisy? Will you be working in the bright sunshine? You may want to consider getting earplugs or protective eyewear if your crew will benefit from them. You can find many options for both ear and eye protection here that will keep your project on budget.


Other Safety Items: Perhaps you’ll need flashlights for crews working in deep wooded areas or beyond the daylight hours. Gloves might be necessary for tasks that require more hard labor. Go ahead and browse the site to get everything you need before your project starts.


From the right incident command vest to traffic control batons, get everything you need for a successful project with your crew right here at SafetyGear Online!