Incident Command Vest Colors: Structure Your Teams

Safety vests are important for anyone working on or near heavy equipment and roads. High visibility is the decisive factor in preventing most acute traumas on the work site. Workers in another demanding sector also benefit from high visibility, but their benefits exceed those of basic protection from the operators of heavy machinery and motor vehicles.


Incident command vest colors serve both as a primary source of protection against the hazards of emergency response and as a quick method of identification. Learn more about the features of emergency incident command vests and the situations where they are most useful.


Incident Command Vest Colors and Other Features

Emergency incident command vests for response teams come in as many as 15 different colors with or without reflective striping. You can also have each vest customized with laminated titles for faster identification and perimeter control. Sizes range from medium to 5XL, and you can choose between full polyester vests and poly/cotton. Some options contain both chest and inner pockets. Be sure to choose vests with reflective striping if roadside work is anticipated.


Faster Information Relay

In an emergency situation, such as wildfires or extreme weather events, response teams must be highly coordinated and work within local populations. This means fielding questions and addressing concerns as well as monitoring the safety of civilians. Incident command vest colors make coordination much easier. Workers will immediately know where to direct questions without wasting time, so you can expect a better public perception of the team.


Public perception is important. Media and the general public must take a backseat when things get rough, but the bystanders on the ground need to be filled with confidence. If they see a high level of coordination, they are more likely to trust command orders.


Incident command vest colors also make it easy to round up sub-teams for specific tasks. Response teams always contain some newcomers, and a highly visible degree of organization helps them fit in more easily. A highly coordinated response is the desire of every team commander, and it is possible with a large range of emergency incident command vest colors.