Protect Your Pet with an Illuminated Dog Collar

Warm weather makes it fun to get out and stretch your legs, especially if you have your trusted pet alongside as you walk.  Early morning and late evening walks are the best during the hottest times of the year, as you don’t need to contend with the harsh rays of sunlight.  However, avoiding the sunshine in order to enjoy cooler summer temperatures on your walks still poses some risks.  An Illuminated Dog Collar can improve your pet’s visibility, making it safer for both of you to exercise.


Evening and morning walking is challenging in terms of your visibility.  It is vital to exercise safety precautions that will prevent any type of tragic incident from occurring.  It’s always important to walk on the sidewalk or on a walking path when possible.  Walking in the street puts you and your pet directly at risk of being hit by a motorist.  Your dog’s Illuminated Dog Collar provides a visual cue to motorists that there is an obstacle ahead.  Still, it’s important to stay out of the road when possible.


Using an illuminated dog collar in conjunction with a retracting leash can help you in keeping your dog out of harm’s way.  Our four-legged friends can be extremely curious while out on a walk.  If your pet loves to explore, it’s fun to give him a little bit of lead on the leash in order to do so.  While you are on a busy street, though, it’s more important to restrict his ability to wander and explore.


Your Illuminated Dog Collar also provides protection and consideration in a local park.  While walking on a path at a park or nature trail you may not be faced with motorists.  However, you may encounter other pet owners, bicyclists, and joggers.  An unseen dog can trip a jogger or surprise another pedestrian.  This is especially true at dawn or dusk because of limited visibility.  Using an illuminated dog collar in these settings provides a visual cue to those that are perhaps more intent on their paths or their workouts than on the obstacles that might be in the way.  Your use of a lighted collar keeps your pet from being such an obstacle and protects him from harm. Find these recreational safety tools at