Ice Traction Slip Ons, Breathable Fabrics, & Gear for All Seasons

When you work outdoors, you know firsthand all of the potential hazards that come with the changing seasons. If you’re safety-conscious, you probably make sure you wear ice traction slip ons with your boots when the temperatures dip below freezing. You probably also have a collection of high visibility apparel in varying materials to ensure you won’t overheat when the sun is high in the sky during the heart of the summer. It’s always a good idea to review what you’ll need to ensure you can work in all kinds of conditions.


In the Winter: Ice Traction Slip Ons & Insulated Gloves

When the year starts and temperatures drop, that’s when you pull out the big guns, like ice traction slip ons for your insulated work boots. You’ll also want to make sure your winter wardrobe is complete with insulated gloves, wool socks, lined pants or jumpsuit, and a well-made, high visibility coat. You should also take measures to protect your head, where much heat is lost, with the use of a high visibility cap or a hood to go with your hard hat. Not only will having the right apparel help you stay warm and avoid frostbite and hypothermia, having ice traction slip ons can help you stay firmly planted on the ground, avoiding a hazardous slip and fall incident, and using the right kind of gloves will help you work effectively even with the added insulation.


In the Summer: Breathable Fabrics & Sun Protection

Work during the summer months can be nearly as treacherous as the icy and snowy conditions of the winter. Choosing work gear that is made from lightweight cottons or items with a mesh construction will help you stay safe and cool. Adding a hat or cap, available in all the proper safety colors here, will keep the sun out of your eyes and help your body stabilize the heat. We also carry bandanas and other items to keep you cool.


The Fall & Spring

The fall and the spring are lovely times of the year for the outdoor worker—when you don’t need ice traction slip ons to stand upright and there’s no real danger of heat exhaustion. It can be idyllic most of the time, but you’ll still want to keep a few things in mind. Often, during the more temperate months, you can be quite chilly early in the morning and pretty warm in the sunny afternoon. That’s why it’s important to have a varied collection of jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts that are made for the work you do, ensuring you’re always ready, safe, and comfortable. And don’t forget the safety rain gear—spring is known for the occasional shower!


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