How to Use a Fall Protection Harness

Almost every construction project, from a house to a skyscraper, requires safety precautions for workers. One of the best ways to ensure safety is to use a fall protection harness. A fall protection harness is worn by workers who have to complete tasks off the ground. While a fall protection harness can save the life of a worker, it must be used correctly in order to be effective. In order to be fully protected, here are five simple steps for putting on a fall protection harness.

1) Prepare the harness - Start by finding the d-ring. The d-ring is a metal ring placed on the back of the harness. The name is derived from its shape, which resembles the letter. With the d-ring, hold up the harness. Be sure to shake the harness out a few times. This allows all the straps and attachments to fall into their proper place. Make sure that all the straps for the chest, legs and waist are unbuckled before continuing.

2) Put on the harness - To put on the harness, locate the shoulder straps. When putting on the shoulder straps, make sure the d-ring ends up between your shoulder blades. Once your torso is in the harness, lift up one leg strap. This strap should go between your legs and then be connected to the opposite end. This process must be completed for each leg. If the harness also has a waist strap, it should be belted last.

3) Strap the harness in place - Once you have the harness in the right position, it is time to secure it. The chest strap should be connected in the middle of the chest. Then, take some time to look at the shoulder straps. If needed, adjust these straps so they are taut. Continue testing all the straps until the harness is snug against the body. Make sure that the harness is not too tight so as to impede movement.

4) Secure loose ends - Because a harness is adjustable, there will probably be excess material from some or all of the straps. A fall protection harness will have loop keepers, which can be used to keep excess straps from becoming a hazard.

5) Check the harness - Before using a fall protection harness in the field, double check every strap and buckle. Everything should be secure and snug in order to provide total safety while working at a height.


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