Work Highway Maintenance? Get an ANSI Class 3 Jacket

Road crews put themselves at risk every day, working along the fastest moving traffic in order to make repairs and improvements to the roads that most of us count on for everything we do. They pave the way for people traveling to work, school, the hospital, and other very important appointments. Because of this risk, an ANSI Class 3 jacket is required.


An ANSI Class 3 jacket is typically required for those working on road projects that are subsidized with federal money. This often includes any type of road work, surveying, towing, utility repair, and emergency services. Some situations may require only a Class 2, but choosing an ANSI Class 3 safety jacket means that you’re always in compliance and that much safer.


What Differentiates between Classes?


To put it simply, the classes indicate the amount of reflection that is required. For instance, Class 1 garments are typically made for workers that are in areas where vehicle speed does not typically go over 25 miles per hour. These might be workers in a parking lot or delivery providers.


Class 2 garments will provide a greater visibility for workers that are near areas in which vehicle speed may exceed 25 miles per hour and the visual background may be a bit more complex. Workers that need a Class 2 jacket might include baggage handlers, utility workers, crossing guards, and others.


Class 3 garments provide the greatest visibility. Wearing an ANSI Class 3 jacket means that you can be seen through a full range of movement at a distance of 1280 feet or more, even among traffic that is moving at a significantly high speed. Class 3 is essential for all highway workers and emergency response personnel.


While many changes have been made, at the federal level, state level, and an organizational level, to make the roadways safer for workers, such as stiffening the laws on driving through work zones and using more visual cues to impending work, wearing an ANSI Class 3 jacket is still imperative. Find what you need to do your job on the highways more safely at SafetyGear Online.