High Visibility Workwear for Emergency Personnel

First responders face a number of dangers and challenges in their job. Not only are firefighters heading straight into the blaze, they will also encounter injured people that need help, face oncoming traffic when managing an accident, and deal with temperature changes, moisture changes, and many other obstacles. EMTs and road safety personnel are also subjected to any number of weather conditions and crowd issues. It is absolutely imperative that they have the very best in high visibility workwear that not only gives a clear message of their job, but also protects and aids them in doing it.


Jackets & Parkas

One essential piece of the high visibility workwear line-up is the safety jacket. When working in wet conditions, these jackets are made to help fire personnel maintain their temperature. Some jackets are made to work in variable weather conditions and others will keep the wearer warm while working an incident on the road in even the coldest conditions.


When a jacket is not needed, other items in the high visibility workwear arsenal can include sweatshirts, bomber jackets, and raincoats. While each of these items have a use for different temperatures, they all have the features that emergency personnel need, such as reflective strips, easy on and off capabilities, Velcro enclosures, and much more.


T-Shirts & Pants

In some cases, just a jacket, vest or sweatshirt will help emergency personnel and first responders get noticed and allow them to effectively do their jobs. In some conditions, however, pants are needed for the additional coverage, additional warmth or greater recognition. For those that work in warm weather or who do not want or need the warmth of a jacket or sweatshirt, our T-shirts are an excellent addition to the line-up of high visibility workwear.


Shop with SafetyGearOnline.com to find all the items you need when it comes to high visibility workwear. Be sure to look at all of the items in our high visibility workwear line to find the ideal combination of features and enhancements you want for comfortable and convenient working apparel. We’re committed to carrying a wide selection of the gear you need to get the job done, safely and effectively.