High Visibility Winter Jackets & Cold Weather Apparel

During the winter months, the standard level of caution for road crews and construction workers must accelerate. Typical concerns for these workers include traffic and other concerns that vary by jobsite. When colder weather arrives, workers and crew captains should be additionally concerned about frostbite, hypothermia, and several other conditions that may result from the freezing temperatures. You’ll want to add high visibility winter jackets to the standard uniform to ensure clothing is still conforming to safety protocols while also providing ample warmth.


In addition to high visibility winter jackets, you’ll also want to add premium gloves for your work. Choose gloves that have high dexterity and functionality while providing the warmth and protection you need. Boots with thermal lining and insulation will also help you work more effectively in the cold weather.


Choosing High Visibility Winter Jackets

One type of coat to consider is one that is made for three seasons. These high visibility winter jackets are constructed like a basic bomber jacket with a waterproof outer shell and a fleece lining. Find one that is ANSI-certified and has all the pockets and features you need. You’ll enjoy conveniences like an insulated collar, a hidden collar hood, and elastic waistbands, as well as pockets designed for radios, pens, and other tools of the trade.


There are also high performance parkas featuring reflective striping, while providing warmth and protection from the elements. You can choose a variety of color combinations to suit the environment in which you work. Windbreakers, sweatshirts, rain jackets, and other varieties are available to ensure you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature doles out.


For the months in between, when you don’t need high visibility winter jackets, consider a fleece lined vest. A warm vest will warm your core without overheating you, thereby keeping you at a “just right” comfort level for the ultimate in productivity.


Don’t let the cold weather slow your progress at the job site! Shop hi vis cold weather gear that will help you feel comfortable and ready to work in all temperatures. SafetyGear Online has many top-quality high visibility winter jackets available so that you and your crew can get exactly what you need.