Be Warm and Be Seen with High Visibility Winter Jackets

In many jobs, workers must endure poor weather conditions to get the job done. It’s important not to compromise worker safety just to keep warm on the job. This is especially true for people who work in dangerous environments where you must always be paying attention to your surroundings. That’s why is proud to offer high visibility winter jackets. This durable outerwear will keep you warm without compromising safety.


Our high visibility winter jackets are designed to meet safety standards and ensure you will be easily seen while wearing them. These winter safety jackets are ideal for people who work in road construction because their reflective surfaces stand out brightly in the headlights of passing automobiles. Hi-vis jackets are also ideal for people who work outside at airports or ski resorts, where it is important to be seen even when environmental visibility is at its lowest. Our insulated high visibility jackets can also be used at home during snow storms. Whether you’re shoveling snow, digging out a car, using a snow blower, or even just walking a dog, these jackets provide the wearer uncompromised visibility even in the snowiest conditions. offers a variety of different high visibility winter jackets that are suited to different types of work or environmental conditions. Some jackets are rated waterproof for rainy environments where a day outside could mean all day in the rain, other jackets offer extra thermal insulation for frigid winter conditions. For added protection from the elements, some of our high visibility winter jackets feature removable hoods or extra long parka style designs, making them ideal for windy environments.  


No matter what your individual needs are has a high visibility winter jacket that is right for you, and at the right price. Shop our entire selection of fleece and thermal winter jackets and sweatshirts today and find the perfect safety gear to get you through the winter. If you have any questions regarding jacket fitting, features, or safety certifications, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff today. We would be glad to help you find the perfect cold weather safety apparel!