High Visibility Rain Gear Features & Benefits

High visibility rain gear is an essential for many types of workers that will encounter weather in their typical function. These might include police officers and first responders, road crews, and other outdoor personnel. First and foremost, having ANSI classified and top quality high visibility rain gear is critical to the safety of the worker. They must be seen in a variety of conditions that are hampered by rain, snow, trees, and other natural obstructions. Secondly, they must be seen by those they are attempting to assist as well as passersby—pedestrians and drivers.


What to Consider in High Visibility Rain Gear

Fabric: You need high visibility rain gear that is made from fabrics that are durable, yet breathable. During work, you’ll want a garment made for protection from the elements, but also one that can accommodate the temperature changes you may endure.


Visibility: Typically, the jackets will feature reflective striping on the sleeves and torso. Pants may have reflective striping along the bottom. Depending on the nature of your work, you can determine how much visibility it takes to make you safe and effective. All high visibility rain gear will be in the lime and yellow colors in order to contrast with both the darkness and the weather.


Versatility: You will have some choices when it comes to high visibility rain gear and you may need a variety of different items, such as pants, jackets, coats, and more to accommodate the varying conditions. Some garments are made to be more versatile, which can be quite useful. For instance, our Class III rain jacket has a removable hood.

Some professionals that encounter weather regularly will have different requirements than others. Check the rating to be sure you’re in compliance with your situation. We do offer many ANSI certified items, as well as others that are not rated.


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