High Visibility Rain Gear: Consider the Options & Advantages

During storm seasons, many outdoor workers rely on high visibility rain gear to work effectively and safely. Additionally, weather can strike at any time, so road crews, traffic workers, and many other safety professionals and organization will want to have high visibility rain gear on hand. Prices and options can vary, so how do you know you’re choosing the best rain attire to suit your needs?


Choosing Items

Depending on your purposes, you can choose from simple, quality ponchos, to full outfits, boots to gloves. You can find bib overalls for work in wet or muddy conditions on the ground or opt for pant and jacket combinations that provide full coverage and protection without sacrificing performance.


Features to Look For:

  • Taped and sealed seams are a must to be fully water-resistant, and also be aware of waterproof zippers, dual zippers, and storm flaps. Imagine the scenes that warrant high visibility rain gear; this will help determine your best bet.
  • Pockets and hoods should have vented bottoms or drain holes to avoid holding water.
  • Wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs will seal your extremities and prevent seepage.
  • The weight of the garments you choose will be largely determined by typical temperatures for your region, as well as temperatures during storm seasons.

Considering Safety Features

High visibility rain gear will help you do your job more effectively in less-than-ideal weather. However, your safety as a first responder, road crew worker, linesman, or traffic director is equally as important.  That’s why you’ll want to choose bright colors with reflective tape to provide easy visibility to people and motorists.


With advances in safety gear and the easy accessibility of getting these items, there’s no reason not to be as comfortable as possibly while on the job in inclement weather.  SafetyGear Online is proud to offer a variety of top quality, ANSI class rain gear to protect you through any storm.