High Visibility Jackets: For Extreme Weather Conditions

Did you ever notice that most roadwork occurs during the warmer months? How often is it that when you are on your way to the beach for your summer vacation, you find yourself delayed on the interstate? It is much more rare to experience the same type of delays during the winter months. Have you ever wondered why this was the case? The warmer months are simply more conducive to the different types of jobs that construction workers have to perform: Vehicles run better when it is warmer out, materials are more pliable, and the workers themselves aren't shivering or in danger of frostbite.

However, there are situations where workers or emergency responders are required to be outdoors when it is raining, snowing, or below the point of freezing. Not only are these rugged workers in danger of the elements, but they are also in danger from passing motorists who may lose control of their vehicles due to the weather. Or worse yet, the weather might reduce visibility and make a road crew or emergency responders impossible to see. With the help of these high visibility jackets, outdoor workers can help themselves stay safe even during dangerous weather conditions.


How can high visibility jackets help?

High visibility jackets help in two major areas. The first is with visibility. Most of the jackets on our site are compliant with Class III of ANSI standards. This means that they pass safety requirements to make the wearer as visible as possible when required to be near roadways. With the aid of reflective strips and bright neon colors, you will be easy to spot by drivers, even if the weather makes it hard to see.

At the same time, high visibility jackets help keep you dry and warm. Nobody likes to be cold while on the job. The only thing that can be worse is getting soaked by rain or snow. With a waterproof high visibility jacket, the moisture will bead up and roll right off. You can stay high and dry while fighting the cold. Some jackets are also insulated or lined with fleece to give you that extra layer of warmth.

Therefore, if you are someone who has to work in these kind of conditions, make sure that you keep yourself warm, dry, and seen while you’re on a call. High visibility jackets, from SafetyGearOnline.com, help you achieve these goals.