Love Hoodies? Now a High Visibility Hoodie Can Be Part of Your Safety Gear

When the temperatures begin to dip and the wind takes on a bit of a chill, it may be time to add some layers to your work wardrobe. Many construction workers and road crews have a top quality parka that is designed for a host of elements and made to stand up in the harshest conditions, but what about those in-between times? A high visibility hoodie or sweatshirt might be ideal.


Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect high visibility hoodie you need to feel great and perform at your peak—all while adhering to the top safety standards:


Choose a top brand - You can find top notch high visibility hoodie options from the names you know, such as ML Kishigo and Radians. These names are synonymous with safety gear for workers and you can rest assured that a hoodie from one of these brands will keep you safe and comfortable.


Check for safety features that highlight visibility - On a high visibility hoodie, you’re going to want a fluorescent color, such as neon lime, or orange. You can opt to get a more structured look with a black or dark bottom, which will not impact visibility. The next thing to check is the reflective striping. On a Class 3 high visibility hoodie, for example, you can expect to find two-inch wide strips of reflective material across the middle and over both shoulders, as well as around the arms. This striping is important because oncoming cars will be able to see the glare of the reflective parts no matter what kind of lighting exists.


Look for comfort and convenience - Look for the features that will give you the greatest comfort and convenience for the type of work you do. For instance, if you need a lot of pockets or certain types of pocketing construction, you’ll want to find a high visibility hoodie that accommodates. Also, look for the weight of the material and the banding along the bottom and wrists. You’re going to be doing some heavy lifting in this top, so be sure it works as hard as you do.


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