A Hi Viz Jacket is Ideal for Spring

An important part of staying safe on the job is following established jobsite protocols. While it can be frustrating to pay attention to details, these points are in place for your protection. Overconfidence can be a worker's downfall where safety is concerned, and using protective gear should never be ignored. If your site requires the use of a hi viz jacket, then it's your responsibility to make sure that you wear an appropriate design.

Spring weather can lead to some workers setting aside their winter safety coats to enjoy warmer temperatures. However, a hi viz jacket can provide ample visibility while giving you the amount of warmth needed during the fluctuating spring temperatures. You can find a variety of hi viz jacket materials and designs as well. This means that you can keep a heavier coat available for chilly weather, a vest for warmer weather, and a lightweight jacket for times of cool or varied temperatures or conditions. Look for appropriate ANSI certifications so that you are assured of safety on the jobsite.

Take time to be involved in promoting personal safety on your jobsite. In addition to making sure that you wear your hi viz jacket, make sure that you encourage others to do the same. Establish a culture of concern and respect, recognizing that your efforts make a difference in the wellbeing of each person on your jobsite.

There are many settings that require bright vests or coats for visibility purposes, but there are also informal settings that are perfect for the use of a hi viz jacket. If you enjoy outdoor activities, then the changing weather makes it easy to spend longer hours outdoors. Whether you are walking, biking, or jogging, evening is a difficult time for motorists to see you. Wearing a brightly colored safety jacket can protect you from the effects that dusk has on someone driving a vehicle. Many bike riders and runners don't think about this safety issue as factors like time changes and warm weather entice them to enjoy more outdoor time. However, a little extra attention to your apparel can be a life-saving decision.