When Workers Should Wear Hi Vis Shirts at Work

When it comes to employee safety, having employees wear safety workwear not only increases their morale, but it helps increase their productivity levels. The reason being is that they know that they are safer when wearing a safety uniform.


However, wearing a heavy reflective garment and safety helmet may not always be appropriate. This is why there are multiple classes of ANSI safety wear, so that employers can pick safety wear that is not only appropriate for the jobsite, but also for the season that their workers are working under. For instance, when the warm weather hits, wearing a high-vis shirt is more appropriate for those who are required to work outside in the hotter weather.


The Benefits of High-Visibility Shirts

No one on a staff team wants to wear a high-visibility jacket during hot sunny days. If employers required this, then not only would their productivity levels decrease but they would become uncomfortable creating a work environment that would not produce high-quality work.


When employees are allowed to wear a high-vis shirt, they don’t overheat plus they still feel like they are being safe in the work environment.  Another plus with having them wear these types of shirts is that you are still meeting statutory requirements which is what is required from all employers in industries required to provide safety gear as part of their work uniforms.


Plus, all employees will feel safer and you can really make them feel like a team when they are all required to wear them on the jobsite.  Not to mention, you can also add on company logos to these types of shirts to help with branding and marketing.


Finally, workers will feel like the company values their health and well-being which is imperative in having a cohesive team that performs up to their potential. Loyalty comes from making your employees feel like they are valued and that they are safe in the environment they are required to work in.