Hi Vis Rain Jacket & Rain Gear Benefits

From first responders to road crews, safety personnel are often called upon to work in the most dismal of weather conditions. Not only is this uncomfortable and difficult, the weather can make the work or the mission even more challenging. Getting a hi vis rain jacket and other protective gear will protect you from the elements and help you do the task at hand more effectively.


A good hi vis rain jacket will have reflective striping on a florescent colored, waterproof material. It will also have waterproof seams and adjustable straps, zippers, and other enclosures, thus insulating the worker from snow or rain. This means that you can essentially work and feel as though the weather is fine while your hi vis rain jacket bears the brunt of the elements. If you were to attempt to work without this gear, the moisture weight and the potentially colder core temperature would slow you down and impede your abilities. Additionally, rather than working or rescuing, you would be putting yourself in a risky situation, chancing hypothermia or worse.


A well-made, ANSI certified hi vis rain jacket will also provide wind protection. It can be challenging to work effectively with a cold wind whipping through less than rugged materials. The same Teflon® coated shell on your hi vis rain jacket that will keep you dry will also block the wind amazingly.


When weather strikes, there are other items you may want to wear in addition to your hi vis rain jacket. Adding traction slip ons to your shoes is a simple and cost effective way to navigate icy or slippery conditions and keep your typical work pace. These are also essential for rescue teams that may have to navigate treacherous or moist areas to get to their target. Protective eyewear during rain or high winds can protect your vision and help you work effectively.


The bottom line is that not only will a hi vis rain jacket protect you from the elements as you perform your work or make a rescue; it can also help you do your job to the best of your ability regardless of the weather conditions or treacherous environment. At SafetyGear Online, we carry everything you need to do what you do safely—particularly when your job is making others safe.