Hi Vis Rain Gear in Lo Vis Situations

Fog. Rain. Snow. Bright sunlight. All of these factors can contribute to low visibility problems for drivers. Trying to navigate through such conditions can make the tamest roads treacherous. No matter how skilled one may be, weather conditions level the playing field, often for the worse. Now, consider what it must be like to be caught standing, or even working out in such conditions, surrounded by weather-blinded drivers. Maybe you have been caught in such a situation already. What do you do to make yourself seen? When you need to make yourself highly visible, we recommend hi vis rain gear for not only rain, but any lo vis weather conditions. 


A torrential downpour can render a windshield nearly useless, as rain pools on the glass faster than wiper blades can cast it aside. Wearing hi vis rain gear as a worker stuck out in the rain can mean the difference between you looking like a watery-looking humanoid blob and looking like an identifiable human being. The materials used to make high visibility rain gear make up for the weather conditions with their bright colors and fluorescent shells. Even in dense wintry or foggy conditions, it’s much easier to see someone wearing nearly luminous clothing.


What about conditions where rather than it being too dark and blanketed to see, it’s too bright? Days where the sun shines so brightly that a driver cannot see what’s ahead in spite of windshield visors and sunglasses can be as troublesome,  if not, more so than a rainy, foggy or snowy day. Blinding rays cause drivers to strain their eyes, or swerve, driving distracted as they try to avoid damaging their eyes from the exposure. Bright colors may not seem useful in such situations; however, hi vis rain gear has more than bright colors to keep you visible. Silver reflective stripes do as their name suggest, and reflect the sun’s light. The resulting “glow” will alert drivers of your existence so that they at least know someone is standing ahead, and should be avoided.


Whether it’s fog, rain, snow or sunshine that’s making you invisible to drivers, it’s a bright idea to do whatever is possible to change that. Prevention is the best protection. Shop SafetyGearOnline.com to make yourself highly visible in low visibility!