Hi Vis Jackets: For Any Visibility Conditions

As the seasons change, so do the set of conditions in which outdoor crew members must work. Along with these conditions comes the threat of not being seen by passing drivers or by other crew members. While working with heavy equipment or along side of a road, it is important that you not only can be seen by everyone in your surroundings, but you also can stay comfortable given the current weather situation. Since the change into Winter, Winter itself, and out of Winter into Spring, can bring a number of unique and unpredictable weather scenarios, SafetyGearOnline.com has a wide selection of Hi Vis Jackets that work to keep you and your employees safe and seen while the seasons change.


Heavy Precipitation

One of the manor factors that can detract from visibility is heavy rain or snow, which can be abundant during the Fall and Winter. Not only can you be hard to see in the driving rain, or heavy snow, but you also have to take into consideration how the moisture can be uncomfortable. Hi Vis Jackets not only help keep the rain and snow at bay, but also keep you warm in the process. The reflective nature of these jackets will highlight you to passing motorists or you co-workers through the wind and the rain so you can continue to operate with peace of mind.


Low-Light Conditions

As the days get shorter/longer, the morning and evening commutes can become more stressful for both drivers and outdoor workers. The transition time between day and night can make driving difficult as the sun can distract drivers or machinery operators. This makes outdoor work crews vulnerable if they are hard to see. Hi Vis Jackets can help prevent any accidents by making you easy to spot by passing drivers or by members of your team who are working with heavy equipment. These Hi Vis Jackets can also keep you warm until the warmer temperatures become more consistent.


Make sure to visit SafetyGearOnline.com to see all of the options we have available when it comes to Hi Vis Jackets, so that you can find the perfect gear for any time of year!