Heated Work Jackets for Safety and Comfort

If you or someone you know and love works on a construction crew then you know that a major concern on the job site that has to be address during the year is when the weather changes and temperatures begin to take a nose dive. Being cold slows productivity and reduces morale, it is also is dangerous and unhealthy for the workers too.


Sometimes workers will purchase a jacket themselves thinking that it is the best option for them but far too often they do not have the same access to quality men’s heated work jackets that their employers do. Work place and road side safety must still be observed no matter what the temperature is outside, but these heated jackets help keep both safety and productivity ranking high on the to do list.


That is why high visibility heated jackets are a perfect option for roadside working conditions during the cold winter seasons. Not only are they amazing at keeping you warm, but they are protect against damp conditions and can also be made to serve as reflective safety apparel as well.


The moisture of rain and snow adds to the extreme cold, especially when it soaks in and weighs you down all day long. These heated jackets are also waterproof so you stay dry and warm all day long! A high-visibility jacket designed for adverse weather conditions will keep you safe on the jobsite.


Stay safe and warm with the amazing line of jackets and other work site safety apparel available from Safety Gear Online. One of our most popular men’s heated work jackets has the following features:

  • Cotton/polyester fibers
  • Waterproofing
  • Provides seven hours of warming heat
  • Three heating zones for maximum comfort
  • Three temperature settings you can control
  • Two USB power ports
  • Adjustable drawstring hood for optimal fit
  • Zip closure protects from chilling wind

Three pockets for plenty of easy access