Warming Safety Gear

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  1. Knit Beanie
    ML Kishigo Knit Beanie
    SKU: 2826-Lime | 2827-Orange
    As Low As $5.98
  2. Plush Fleece Winter Liner – Navy
    Plush Fleece Winter Balaclava
    SKU: 1070
    As Low As $14.21
  3. Winter Liner
    Winter Liner
    SKU: XX550
    As low as $8.16
  4. Full Face Tube Liner - Hi Viz Orange
    Full Face Tube Liner
    SKU: LK810
    As Low As $5.46
  5. Hardhat Liner
    Hardhat Liner
    SKU: LZ620
    As low as $11.45
  6. Hot Rods Toe Warmers
    Toe Warmers
    SKU: 1106-10TW
    As low as $5.11
  7. Hand Warmers
    Hand Warmers
    SKU: 1100-10R
    As low as $3.34
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Unfortunately, some people are required to perform roadwork or outdoor construction during the colder months of winter. Even for people who like the colder weather, it is still important to wear appropriate clothing so stay warm and safe. It is also vital to wear equipment that can keep you easily visible while on the job site. SafetyGearOnline.com has a number of items, like high vis hats, hard hat liners, and hand warmers, that you can use to achieve both of these goals.


When you are facing the driving wind, the cold can sometimes be debilitating. When you have to squint and turn your head every time the wind whips, you run the risk of being inefficient. We have full face tube liners that can reach up and connect to your hard hat so that you are completely covered. Or, if there are flurries and you want your co-workers to know where you're working, then a high visibility hat is exactly what you are looking for. Not only will one of these hats keep the chill away, but they are easy for your colleagues to see while operating power tools or machinery so that you do not come into harm's way.