Cooling Safety Gear

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  1. Baseball Cap - Lime front
    ML Kishigo Baseball Cap
    SKU: 2854-Lime
    As Low As $10.58
  2. Hard Hat Sun Shield
    ML Kishigo Hard Hat Sun Shade
    SKU: 2810-Lime / 2813-Orange
    As Low As $6.11
  3. MiraCool Bandana
    MiraCool Bandana
    SKU: 940 Series
    As Low As $1.91
  4. Snap-On Terry Topper Sweatband - Navy
    SKU: 870
    As Low As $1.99
  5. Hard Hat Pad w/ Neck Shade
    Hard Hat Pad w/ Neck Shade
    SKU: 969-Navy
    As low as $5.09
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People who work on road or construction crews do not need a reminder that the temperatures can climb extremely high in the summer months. If you do not account for a hot day where the sun’s rays are pounding down, you could end up with a potential health issue. A reflective safety cap is excellent for staying cool by keeping the heat from absorbing into your hat and causing you to overheat. In addition, a hard hat pad for the neck will shield your neck from the stinging rays of the sun.


The head and the neck are especially vulnerable to the rays, and sunburn is a common complaint in the warm weather months for construction workers. Even worse, the overheating can lead to sunstroke, a potentially life threatening condition. Regardless of the climate in which you work, it’s wise to wear sun protection hats and neck covers as the sun can be dangerous even if it is a cool day. Don’t wait until it’s hot to obtain this body cooling clothing, as the first days of hot weather can be some of the most difficult as you adjust to the changing conditions.