Face Masks

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Whether you are consistently exposed to fine dusts and airborne particles or you're only faced with these concerns occasionally, disposable construction face masks are important protective items for keeping your lungs safe from the potential ill effects of these fine materials. Especially useful on construction sites, cone respirator masks help to protect workers from the fine particles from concrete, dirt, and sawdust that are unavoidable in the course of various construction or demolition tasks. In order for many construction sites to be NIOSH compliant with safety guidelines, proper protective respirator dust masks are required for various situations, and it’s important to make sure that you are equipped with the right construction face mask for the materials you are encountering.


In a non-professional setting, disposable face masks can also be very helpful. If your environment is prone to high winds and heavy dust storms, the use of a cone respirator can help filter out some of the fine particles you might otherwise breathe. Likewise, if you are doing renovations on an older home, you may discover areas of mold. An appropriate respirator dust mask can provide protection when it comes to keeping the mold from making its way into your lungs.