Head Protection

When it comes to head protection we have you covered! From Ratchet Suspension Full Brim Hard Hats to Custom Molded Ear Plugs. Also, check out our selection of items designed to help warm you up or cool you down!

Safety-Rated Construction Hard Hats

When it comes to head protection gear for on-the-job safety, we have you covered! SafetyGear Online has everything you need to keep your workers safe, from full-brim hard hats and fluorescent vests to custom-molded earplugs. 

Also, check out our selection of safety apparel designed for temperature regulation and protection from the elements. Our large inventory of enhanced visibility gear and ANSI-certified vests will keep you and your crew protected, safe, and in compliance with local safety regulations. We also offer customizable options to add your business or agency logo. 

Hard Hats

On the job site, state laws and common sense demand appropriate headgear for safety. While it takes very little force or impact to harm your head, a head injury is one of the most serious types of on-site accidents that can occur. To protect you at all times, SafetyGear Online is proud to carry hard hats that are safety rated and conform to standards from ANSI Z89.1–2014 Standard, Type 1, Type 2, and Classes E, G, and C. 

Even if you aren’t working directly with objects being lifted and moved, a hard hat is required to keep you safe from a dropped tool, flying debris, and all kinds of unexpected accidents that can happen the moment you step onto a construction site. 

Cooling Safety Gear

When working for long hours outdoors, body temperature regulation is a critical safety measure to avoid overheating or hypothermia. To avoid bodily risks that are just as real and dangerous as a potential traffic accident, shop SafetyGear Online’s cooling safety gear for summer or check out our safety apparel for heavy-duty protection in any season. 

Warming Safety Gear

To stay warm on the job, SafetyGear Online helps you focus on your extremities with our warming safety gear that includes high-visibility beanies, hoods, and single-use warmers for hands and feet. If you’re looking for safety equipment to keep you warm from head to toe in winter conditions, we offer a wide selection of durable safety apparel.  

Facemasks and Respirators

If you’re working on a construction site or in an area with high traffic, certain dust and air particulates aren’t healthy to breathe in for long periods of time. Dust facemasks and respirators protect your nose, throat, and lungs from mild irritation and more severe health complications should you be exposed to chemical fumes. 

Hearing Protection

Prolonged exposure to loud construction sites or road traffic can permanently damage your hearing. Don’t take the risk to your long-term health. With equipment from SafetyGear Online, protect your hearing with moldable earplugs or full headsets with radio tuning abilities to keep you connected to your team and block unnecessary sounds.  

We’re committed to providing you and your team the equipment you need to work safely and successfully. If you have questions about our hard hats, safety hats or hard hat liners for sale, please call our customer service team in Colorado Springs, CO.

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